Monday, October 29, 2012

The Ballad of 'Ol Shootin' Jed: Page 27

Gah! This was so hard to draw! A kitty being shot through the eye! This is almost against my religion! What religion is that? The Internet! I'll bet you thought I was gonna say the ancient Egyptian religion. does that religion even have a name?

Well, I looked it up on wikipedia and apparently it doesn't. The article is simply called "Ancient Egyptian Religion". uh, whaddaya say about that? I wonder if THEY had a name for what they believed back then? I wonder if in a couple thousand years, people will refer to Christianity as "Ancient European and American Religion". That would be... kinda sweet, actually. By that time, people will be worshiping Harry Potter, a totally real historical figure whose life is well chronicled across seven ancient tomes. You can tell he's real, because they talk about real places in the book. London! That was a real city in the olden times. Archaeologists are still finding artifacts that prove it was real! What would THAT religion be called? Perhaps they'd just go the full nine and call themselves "The Order of the Phoenix", I'd hate if they called their religion something idiotic like "Potterism" or "Potteranity". It makes this already difficult-to-take-seriously situation even HARDER to take seriously.

Personally though, I feel that there might actually be a God or something out there. However, I think it's not at all like any of the Gods in any of the world's currently held belief systems. I think the real God is more like the God depicted in Futurama.

Go ahead, click that link. I'll wait.


Am i right? doesn't that make sense on so many levels?
Granted there's lots of context that the episode gives that makes certain exchanges in this dialogue make a lot more sense. But you get the gist of it. The concept of an otiose god has always really appealed to me. It makes our world make a lot of sense. It also really coincides with my love for science. Science is kind of the ultimate otiose god. It created us, and it really doesn't care what we do or what happens to us :P For all we know, the whole thing might have just been accidental.

...which makes me think of Fight Club :)

We are God's unwanted children? SO BE IT!!!
Ahh, delicious nostalgia.

In either case, I hate to have to cut this short, but I need to help my friend come up with a stage name for his new band, "Xenoglossia". A band for whom I've been tapped as main album cover artist :)

THIS makes me very happy. you shall be seeing more of this as it develops!

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