Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Ballad of 'Ol Shootin' Jed: Page 25

Wow, how has it been 20 days since my last update? I am truly sorry for that, no excuses.

Let me tell you a little bit about what's been happening in the life of Para~Somnia comics frontman, Knave Murdok.

You know I got another job, this much I told you in the last update. Let me tell you a bit about the circumstances of me getting that job, because they're kinda awesome.

I've been working at the record joint since 2007, and while it was fun when it started, it's been growing deathly stagnant, especially in the past 2 years. So I began job hunting, feverishly. I job hunted for about 2 years, and with very few results. I was getting desperate, until I finally got this interview, on August the 30th.

August the 31st, they called me back! Asking if I could start on the 4th (the 3rd was Labor Day)

To which i replied, "Hell Yeah!"

This was rather serendipitous, for two reasons.

Approximately two weeks prior to this interview, I was having a conversation with one of my best friends, John, who also worked for the very same record store I did. Different location, but same company. He was telling me he was fed up with it, for many of the same reasons I was fed up with it. We knew we weren't going anywhere in it, the previously laid back atmosphere was turning into stress, anger and resentment, and he needed a way out. So that very day, he put in his two weeks, banking on grabbing more shifts at the restaurant he worked at part time, (Martin's West in Redwood City, go check it out, it's great).
So his last day coincided with the day at our old job coincided with the day I got the news that I got my new job. We started at that record store together, and we left together! Rad bromance, dawg.
Not only had HE put in his two weeks, but that district's manager did the same, on the same day!

The second reason this happenstance is so fortuitous, is that the day of the actual interview, after I got to the record store, I was met by one of my co workers, who asked me if I had heard the news about Brian. Brian was yet another district's manager, who was friends with both John and I. Guess what his news was? He was ALSO putting in his two weeks! The great thing about Brian quitting was that he wrote my schedule. As soon as I heard I got the new job, I gave him a quick text, saying something along the lines of "Hey man, I heard you were leaving! congrats! Hey, could you do me a favour? as your final act as manager, could you take me off next week's schedule? and the week after that? AND the week after that?"
He responded with "Dude, are you quitting to?" and with that, the happy news was shared.

John had already organized a little last day get together for himself and his district manager. Brian and I piggybacked on his parade, When we arrived, we realized that our mini-exodus of four had sparked a larger exodus! Apparently, in the wake of the news of John bouncing, the store he worked at was down a couple cashiers as well. I love it when a plan comes together!

But that's not even the best part of the story!

My last day on the job also happened to be the FIRST day of Sac-Anime! I could not have planned this better if I tried! So as I coasted through the doldrums of Friday morning at the record store, I was mentally preparing for the best Friday night, and Saturday and Sunday ever! I arrived late, because the drive from Campbell to Sacramento in Labor Day weekend traffic is a long one... but I managed to touch down in my friends' hotel room first, got myself situated, then headed out for a wild night at a huge anime convention. :D
I met up with even more friends, many of whom I hardly ever get to see, because they're all the way up in Sac-Town. The whole time I was bragging about starting my brand new job as soon as I got back. I was the happiest I had ever been. I saw the sights, smelled the smalls, had tons of fun with my Sacramento friends, and managed to get back in time for Labor Day, knowing that my kickass new profession awaited me the next morning.

And then after my first week, I had ANOTHER Con to go to~ :P

And then after my second week, Aesop Rock showed up in San Francisco, and when Hail Mary Mallon calls, you GOTTA accept the charges!

There was another Con going on this weekend, but I was totally and completely drained. I wish I could be there, but my ass has been thoroughly kicked. I need a weekend to myself.

Chances are high I'll be showing up to AnimeiCon in Monteray.
I also have a table with my name on it at the next Sac-Con.

Para~Somnia comics will never leave you, my children.

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