Monday, September 10, 2012

The Ballad of 'Ol Shootin' Jed: Page 24

I don't even have a funny or clever way to start this blog post.

Battery Acid!

I am not even kidding, that's probably the most badass thing I've ever spilled on ANYTHING!
I was at Hyper-Con, and I brought with me this little iPod dock thing, cuz I like to have music with me when I'm at the table. Sadly, this little device, as handy as it is, is also notorious for malfunctioning. So it gets a little loud, as cons tend to do, so I didn't notice right away when it stopped playing. It quieted down, and I realized how quiet it actually was, so I turned it towards me, to inspect it. The iPod itself was still playing, but no sound was coming out, my immediate assumption "huh... batteries musta gone out..."
Soooo I stopped the iPod, pulled it off the dock, and popped the little battery chamber door open.


Battery Acid!


I've never had battery acid on me or near me before. I was fearing the worst! But it didn't even dissolve the paper. Worst thing it did was peel the graphite off some of the page, but I got it all over my shirt and hands and talbecloth, and absolutely no harm was done. I did of course wash hands and clean myself up in the restroom as best I could just to be safe, but even still!

Battery Acid!

So this page is special, for these reason.

I will give you guys a more in depth con review next week. I am freaking tired, and can't really st here and write anymore. I got myself a new job that i need to be up early for.
Seeya later! ;-)

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