Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Ballad of 'Ol Shootin' Jed: Page 23

Oi.. so... yes, prepare yourself for yet another completely and totally lame excuse for why this submission is a week late. So i'm drawing this coyote here, see? It actually WASN'T this coyote here at all, it was a totally different one. It occurred to me before starting to draw this page that I had never really put a lot of time into drawing coyotes at all. In fact, the only dogs I had ever practiced drawing were huskies, for the "Grinning Hound" character in "Abyss Stares Back", you can see him in this concept poster I did, bottom left corner.

So that's really the only experience I have drawing dogs. I had turned my own dog into a character once in a short lived comic concept I thought up several years ago, but never published, but nothing beyond that. So! My solution is.. go to google images! Look up coyotes, and start sketching.

Here's where the problem arises :P

So I was sketching coyotes, realistic looking ones. Because That's how you learn to draw things. Or at least, it's how I personally learn to draw things. So I was doing this, and in the process, once again lost track of the... intended style I'm going for. So when I began this page, I was drawing a semi-realistic looking coyote, overlooking a cartoon jacket bundle. And... like a fool, I didn't realize what was wrong until I was... about finished :P I had it inked, scanned, photoshopped, and was about ready to upload it... when i saw the page I had done last, with the more cartoon silhouette of the coyote and realized the mistake I had made :(

By this time I was so flippin' tired, because when I get started on a page like this, I often obsess over details long into the night, usually forgetting that I have not yet written the accompanying blog and totally losing track of time. So I just sorta... gave up at that point, and for that I am sorry. I am a lazy blogger. I wish I could just draw comics and have that be that, but you deserve more from your internets!

So yeah. Shitty updater. Sorry for that :P

In other news, I went to J-Pop Summit the other day. I did not have a table, sadly, I went just to go. It's been awhile since I've been on the OTHER side of the tables. Kinda makes me feel a little guilty, I feel bad when I walk by someone's booth and don't get anything, cuz that's happen to ME so many times! and it hurts EVERY TIME~! T__T If I had the money, I woulda bought so much shit form that place. Everyone there was super talented, I jsut didn't have the funds.

Next week I'll be in a similar boat, at Sac-anime. Been looking forward to this one for a long time. Again, no table, but tons of fun will be had.
The next con I'm actually gonna BE at is Hyper-Con. It will mark the first con I've worked since Sac-Con earlier this spring. Ever since Ratgirl's table has gotten to crowded to share with em, I've fallen out of cons, mostly because I relied on her too much to do the work of signing up for me :P I need to learn to be more self sufficient if I'm gonna make it in this cuthroat biz! ;D

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