Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Ballad of 'Ol Shootin' Jed: Page 22

Gleeeee~! This is another great ramp up page! some cool action is about to go down! Shootin' Jed's story is really about to unfurl here. Pretty soon I can stop drawing him as a baby, and start drawing him as the badass Gun Man be becomes! I mean. this story had me hooked already from its opening lines, but what I was really looking forward to drawing was the lanky western gunslinger who doesn't actually need to sling any guns because HE IS THE GUNS!!!

Well, it's coming, guys. It's coming soon!

So I've been having a great number of problems with my online store :/ It was working great, and then facebook changed or did something and I don't even know, and now you can't scroll through products anymore :/
It lead to me having to, like... remake all the designs I had for my t-shirts, and then RE-import them to the company that makes them, so they could then be re-important to the company that runs the store! But then the company that makes the shirts was... having issues with the designs and the company that ran the store was all like "we need to do this all at once or not at all!" so now I'm waiting for the shirt company to get off their asses and then the store is all like "wassup bro?" and I'm all like "MRRAAAAAAA!!!!" so yeah... shit's exhausting.

But it's all good, because I still have Sac-Anime to look forward to. not selling, just chillin', it's gonna be great. I haven't just chilled at a con in well over two years. I haven't truly ENJOYED all a con has to offer in two years. I dig selling, and the artist alley in my people... but the last con I really got well into was WonderCon 2010, and i want THAT back. So I'm looking forward to this one in a whole 'nuther way.

Coming up on the horrizon is a whole new set of Brilliant Black Starres redesign. They look totally different now, better, even. i am VERY glad I did not get shirts made of them, because those old designs are very oldskool now. I'd love to show you guys a preview, but i wanna unveil it all at once. People who have been following this I think will be pleasantly surprised with the changes. People who have no idea will probably just dig how the characters look anyway, having no frame of reference by which to compare them.

Still aiming at December for being when the first issue gets a treatment.
I would love it if I could debut it at Bent Con ^_^ That seems the most appropriate.

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