Monday, July 9, 2012

The Ballad of 'Ol Shootin' Jed: Page 20

What's this? Gagged Gunslinger? A Kid Coated, not Coddled? Eddie's got an Eviscerating Attitude! A Dismembering Disposition! Will Jed the Jaunty Juvenile get his Just Deserts? Or Will the Writing on the Wall Emancipate our Insatiable Infant Icon?
Tune in next time for the Cadaver Crushing Conclusion! Same Shootin' time! Same Shootin' Channel!

Fuck! Alliteration is a lot of difficult than it looks!

I've been treating myself to mini marathons of the old Adam West Batman TV show. as you can plainly see, it's getting in my head a lil' bit. Quickly! to the Jed Copter!
God, can you imagine if that's the kinda story this was? i mean, yeah, it's pretty damn goofy already, but imagine if I dropped everything and shifted tone for no reason and just turned it into a goofy 60's pulp action sit-com?
No, there will be plenty of time for that later, eventually, when I do Catman!

For some reason, I was all about this page.
I was getting kinda bored with the seeming repetition of scenes going on here. This thing is masterfully written, and I can't fault Micaela for that, I am just struggling to keep my artwork for this dialogue interesting. Here, I feel like I've done that, a lot more effectively than in previous pages.

Sooo... Sac-Anime is coming up! I sadly will not have a table, but I will be there in full force, promoting guerrilla style! I will need to make more stickers... which would be great if my PRINTER WEREN'T BROKEN!!! D: Fuckin' thing went on the fritz during Fanime, and it hasn't worked since. The scanner still works just fine, so i'll use that until I can find something better, but until then, a mysterious OUTSIDE RESOURCE must be tapped for stickers to be printed. I will, in all likelihood, just tap a friend's printer or something :P GHETTO STYLEZ!!!

In either case, looking forward to it, looking forward to seeing my ever growing Sac fan club :3
I love you guys in the bay, but the Sac peeps are so good to me I don't even believe it. I've only been out there twice and they know my name. It's radical.

I am getting stupid tired, so I'm gonna shut this thing off early.
Enjoy the page folks.

Be aware f new updates on the facebooks for some Brilliant black Starres redesigns!

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