Friday, June 8, 2012

The Ballad of 'Ol Shootin' Jed: Page 17

This may well mark the very first time I've ever drawn a baby's penis.
Now I know how the creators of Crayon Shin-Chan feel.

So Fanime is over, i already talked about that. The weekend after that came Sac-Con. I've only been twice now, but its always been worth it, despite the harrowing drive I have to make. Two and a half hours on my ass driving, and then an additional six hours on my ass at the table, and THEN two and a half hours back! With all that sitting, it seems like I should be getting plenty of rest, but that is not the case, I am more exhausted after these cons than I am at ones where I'm up and about, walking everywhere. Perhaps it is simply the stress of being in this high pressure sales situation constantly throughout the day. What's even worse than that is the fact that I'm now doing cons by myself now. I don't feel bad outting her now, but my previous partner, Ratgirl just found out she was preggers. Yup, another baby popping out into our lives that I can corrupt with my terrible nerdisms! I actually don't think I'll have much trouble there, Ratgirl and her beau are straight up geeks already. It won't be so mch of a corruption as it will be just... the kid's natural surroundings.

We as nerds always think that we're gonna raise our kids right, to appreciate all the cool, nerdy things of the world. Little do we realize that our fathers thought they were gonna be tossing the pigskins aorund with us when they first learned they were having a child... and they wound up defeated when we discovered comic books and videogames instead. Watch this new generation of children raised by geeks to grow up to be alpha male super jocks! We'll be trying to teach them the differences between Spiderman and the AMAZING Spiderman, all the while they're itching to try out for the school Rugby team. Lousy poetic justice... -_-

So not only is Ratgirl being with child an exciting piece of news, it's also pretty well timed with my buddy Jess just popping out her own amazing offspring as well! Babies everywhere! Do you think i summoned them with all these Shootin' Jed pages? Babies are not only present in my life, but in my comics as well. What is this madness? I already found myself at one baby shower, an activity VERY not becoming of me. I'm sure there will be another one soon. Before long I'm gonna start getting invited to all the wonderful little milestones that come along with having children in one's life. Birthdays, little league games, piano recitals, graduations, obscure high school Krav Maga championships, hunger games (don't think it won't happen) etc.

Some my other friends who, the ones who AREN'T having kids are kinda freaking out about this all happening.
"Oh my GOD they're getting married! I feel so OLD!"
"Oh my GAWD they're having KIDS! I FEEL SO OLLLDDD!"

I don't feel old, you know why? Because people get married, and they have kids. It's just something that people do around this age (20's-30's).
Be thankful that they weren't doing it in their teens. There's no reason to be complaining.

You know what I WILL complain about though? If you fuckers start getting divorced.
THAT'S what will make me feel old. When my childhood friends who paired off and got married and had kids decide they're gonna cut it off. THAT'S when you'll hear me bitching. Don't do that shit, guys.

Apart from that, I can't wait to be everyone's favourite crazy Uncle Knave ^^
Although your kids don't need to call me Knave, that shit's for the internet. They'll know what to actually call me ;-)

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