Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Ballad of 'Ol Shootin' Jed: Page 16

God, i haven't actually picked up Shootin' Jed in a long time. i know to you it seems like I only missed a week, but in all honestly, I did the last five pages all at once, and was just inking them and uploading them as the time went by. I was using that time to get ready for Fanime, which went SWIMMINGLY by the way (thanks for asking).
In fact, many people FROM Fanime might be reading this blog for the first time! Man, I better get my shit straight make it presentable! Gaahhh~! I actually worry that this is kind of a bad first post to come home to. All my markers are drying out, and I just have not had the time to go get new ones. I've dipped them in rubbing alcohol one too many times and it's just not working like it used to anymore. :(
I must have soe other markers around here somewhere that aren't totally dry yet. These ones have served me very well, to be honest. i must have gotten them before I graduated, so, they've served their term in office.

So let's talk about Fanime! Oh my GAWWDDDD the line! I didn't even get the worst of it, I didn't show up till Friday. I didn't suffer through Thursday's blackout at all, thank gosh! Even still, the nearly doubled line on Friday was a good three hour wait. The craziest I've ever seen Fanime get, in all honesty... but then again, power outages will do that. I think the crowd, as bitchy as they could get, were still pretty understanding. I mean, we're dealing with an all volunteer staff at one of the biggest anime conventions on the west coast. In all fairness, I think given the situation, they handled it pretty well. I mean, I cold be a dick and point ALL the things Fanime as an organization could be doing to attend to the artists, dealers and spectators better... but this is neither the time nor the place. I'd rather just praise them for taking what could have been a cancelled convention, and turning it into just a pretty long wait.

But the fun doesn't stop there! With alllll those people waiting down stairs, anxious and itching to get upstairs, there I was, setting up my table when they all poured into the artist alley... easily thrice the crowd we're used to. My inventory was down to a fifth of what it was by the end of day one.
Normally I don;t lie to talk about how well my table did, because it makes me feel like i'm either gloating, or holding a pity party... but this was unprecedented. This was the best con I've had since I sold out at WonderCon 2008. I didn't sell EVERY book, (I have 4 left) but I'd still call that one hell of a rousing success. Apart from that, I was also kept pretty darn busy with commission work, something I never really geared myself towards in previous Con experiences, but I think i might wanna consider. I think the big slap-dash sign I made that said "I GOT YER COMMISSIONS RIGHT HERE, PAL!" really said it all. Con goers saw that, and thought to themselves "geez, I better have this guy draw me something, or he might beat me up..." and to be perfectly fair... they weren't wrong! o_o

So here's the dilemma I find myself in now! Next week is Sac-Con, and I have literally four books left...
There's no WAY I'm getting reprints back in in a week! I think i'll try and set up some kinda pre-order system for books, while at the same time gearing myself more towards commission work and perhaps pad out my portfolio of prints as well! There's stuff I can do, but I'll be sad to be at a con without Dave the Punk Rock Cat. Oh well, he'll be back at Kinyoobi Con and Hyper Con. Damn straight.

In the mean time, I keep fiddling with Brilliant Black Starres stuff. My concerns about my character lacking depth are slowly being satiated. They still have a long way to go, but it looks a lot less lame now. I feel like I've gotten a lot of help from all the right people, and I'm finally starting to see the path layed out before me. I also finally came up with an awesome villain! Truly terrifying! I've also found my stride again in my Current 93 theme. It's alllll falling into place, my dears ;-)

So that's my first post Fanime blog! Tune in next week for a much better episode! For now though... courage... -_-

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