Monday, April 23, 2012

The Ballad of 'Ol Shootin' Jed: Page 13

Woah dude! Blogger just like, changed it's format hardcore, yo!
I know you can't tell, it all looks the same on your end, but the post editor is all different and it's freaking me out, yo! It's been rough man.

Ever since I came up with the idea to hold the contest for what story I do next after Shootin' Jed, it's been almost impossible for me to stay focused ON Shootin' Jed! I'm scrambling now, to create an acceptable 5 pages to show off for each story. This is hard, because many of these story concepts aren't even fleshed out entirely yet. Some of them don't even have a full roster of characters. Things being what they are, I've managed to make a good amount of headway on a lot of backburner projects, and that was sort of the whole point in the first place. To force myself into being motivated. I need to work on that.
So far, I've gotten the pencil work done on the first few pages of the "Blood Will Tell" Re-Dux, and I got some preliminary character art down for Brilliant Black Starres (my magical girl story, read this blog if you don't know what I'm talking about).

Here are the girls in their regular clothes.
And here they are in their magical girl uniforms!

I know what you're thinking, pleated miniskirts? Am I serious? Fuck yes, yes I am!
Just trust me on this. I am consulting all the coolest feminist gals I know on this subject. I wanted to create a comic about girls with realistic personalities and realistic bodies and how much they can kick ass. There's no reason they can't also be sexy and beautiful and wear amazing clothes while the fight evil and be awesome role models. As long as they do it without being made into sexual objects (which I've no intention of doing, by the way), then this comic will rock as hard as I, and everyone seems to want it to.

But in all actuality, I know, and you all know that this is about a lot more than making a kick ass comic with positive female role models. this is about me wanting to do something more with my art, you know? I have this really grandiose opinions of what my life as a cartoonist is all about, and what I want to accomplish with my art. I love doing things like Dave the Punk Rock Cat, and I love how popular it's made me (not popular enough, but any amount of popularity is something to be thankful for ^_^) but I've always wanted my comics to deal with something I really gave a shit about, and maybe have some kinda small positive effect on the world (or at the very least, my readers.)
So what do I give a shit about? Gender equality. So it breaks my heart to know that I have all these awesome gals in my life who are feeling totally betrayed by the comics industry. Girls who LOVE comics by the way, but can't relate to a lot of them in any kinda meaningful way because of how their gender is represented 90% of the time.

I think comic writers and comic fans could stand to understand women a little better.
Fuck, I think I could stand to do the same.

Writing this story is as much a personal quest as it is an attempt to create something meaningful, educational, and hopefully, pretty kick ass as well.

Basically, by the time this comic is finished, I want it to change the world. -_-
That's not so much to ask, is it?

 Well, hopefully I, and my team of feminist consultants can accomplish just that.


In other news, I was at my Kung Fu class today, practicing with the Monkey King staff. Long story short, I got a pretty hardcore splinter in my thumb... my DRAWING thumb. I had to dig it out with my teeth -_- I'm not incapacitated, I drew all day... it just sucked.
More on this as it develops.

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