Monday, April 2, 2012

The Ballad of 'Ol Shootin' Jed: Page 11

Moar Shootin' Jed!

So guys, this is what I'm gonna do, and this is important to pay attention to, because it requires your participation. That is a weakness of mine, I don't really do audience participation stuff ever, so I figured I'd give it a try.
So if you've been keeping up with the blog these past several weeks, you know that while I've been doing Shootin' Jed, I've had this wellspring of other comics ideas I've wanted to start. Some of these ideas have been sitting on the back burner for years.
So I'm taking a page form Penny Arcade's book!
After Shootin' Jed is over (which, considering how long the poem is, probably won't be for awhile) I am going to upload five pages from six projects. After that, I am going to put it up to a vote! A vote form the viewers over which comic I should produce next!

The lineup is, as follows:
Blood Will Tell (Redux)
Abyss Stares Back
Oswald the Oddball
Cat Man
Untitled Internet Prohibition Story
Brilliant Black Starres (Magical Girl Story)

Some of you might have opinions on this already, but I urge you, don't vote till you've seen the pages I'm going to produce. They might surprise you!

Okay, well, I'm totally feeling like a useless blog writer at the moment. My mind is simply elsewhere at the moment. Lots of personal Knave-stuff has been happening, and some of it's been quite hard to deal with. A lot of it has to do with my big plans, and how they're just not happening in the way I want them to. I have a lotta big plans, you see. My inability to make them happen is starting to frustrate me.

It's like all these comics, you see? i have SIX unfinished, un-published projects. They've piled up so much over the years that now i need to take it to a vote to see which one is the next one. If I had my shit together, they'd be done already and I'd be publishing them. But as it is, I do not have my shit together, and that is only a small fraction of the problems I am facing.

Needless to say, despite all of this, you guys will still get your Shootin' Jed on schedule, every week. It is a must. I will not let you down. Failing to do so would disrupt my Ki alignment. We can't have that. More next week, I promise.

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