Monday, February 6, 2012

The Ballad of 'Ol Shootin' Jed: Page 3

So I've fallen into a nice little schedule of uploading pages. My life has settled into a semi-comfortable routine again now that the holidays have passed and the stress of moving has been put on hold. I didn't get the house I wanted, and that makes me very sad... but whatevs... stiff upper lip. There are plenty of places I could potentially move into, just gotta keep looking.
I was pissed as hell at first, because the timing was so gosh darned inconvenient, and also i had gotten my hopes up pretty high for it, so that didn't help when we were eventually let down. Boo hoo, first world problems, I guess.

I wish I could talk more about this page, it's really just a lead up page. I was thinking that since each page of this tells so little story, that I should just upload them more often... but I dunno, I sorta like the suspense I'm building.
Also, once a long time ago, i tried to maintain a "2 comics a week" schedule, and needless to say, it did not go well. Not only was it hectic to maintain, but I feel like I really saw the quality of my work degrade. I can save that kind of stress for when I start doing this as my main source of living and i don't need to worry about keeping another job. shit, if this was all I did, you might be seeing more like 20 pages a week. Soon, my children, soon.

So, I guess i'm going to AOD next weekend. That's pretty cool. I at first thought there was no way I was going to degrade myself going through their fucked up lottery system, but a friend of mine threw down on a dealer's table and i'm more than happy to help her pay for it :P
We're also waiting to see if we got a table for Fanime. I hate how uncertain these kinds of things can get. I also hate how fierce the competition is! I'm wondering now if Big Wow is happening again this year. i know that WonderCon moved far away this year and that makes me sad. But I've only exhibited there once before anyway. I just think it's a fun con. Perhaps 2013 I will attempt to get a table there. I've heard lots of good reports from friends who've set up shop there before. I was also really pleased because WonderCon was my first show to ever "sell out". so far it's been the ONLY show I've ever sold out at! Perhaps I should have taken that as a sign! O_O
But at the same time, the amount of fun I've had just as a spectator there cannot be rivaled. No reason for regrets.

Anywho... do stay tuned. I know this is page three, but the story's about to ramp up :D It gets all kinds of awesome and weird from here on in.

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