Friday, January 13, 2012

Okay! So...

So yeah guys... so yeah...
It's been a relatively quiet January for me, and there's a lotta reasons for that. So brace yourself for my avalanche of excuses. The record store that i work at, which has kind of been like my home for the past several years has been undergoing some changes.
These changes are... that it closed... and alllll the stuff inside got boxed up and moved to a new location about a mile down the road that's about a quarter of the size.
That in itself wouldn't be so bad, I mean, yeah it's a hassle, but the real kicker was that the peeps who planned the move, and by that I mean the one guy who owns the company who doesn't trust anyone else to make any form of decision, or judgement call, planned it in the worst, least efficient, time wasting way possible.
I know that sounds like an exaggeration, but it really isn't. The only way it could have possibly gone worse was if instead of trucks, we wheeled it over to the new store on roller skates.
There was no foresight involved, no schedule of tasks made, it was just... the week deadline approached, and we all just started haphazardly pilin' shit in boxes. We were understaffed, low on supplies and severely lacking in direction. One of the most frustrating three weeks I can recall, in recent memory. Despite all the hardships I managed to get some halfway decent dough out of it. I worked more during this move than I think I ever have. Ever.

So that's only one side of this hilarious coin. Not only was I moving shop, I'm about ready to move house as well. My good friend and sometimes collaborator Tricia of Ratgirl Productions is about to move out of her house. What THAT means is that as soon as she's gone, I'M in! That's right, I'm a real estate vulture! So my home, which has been exactly like a home to me, is also about to move. Come the beginning of next month, me and my buddies from will be setting up home and shop there. This has me filled with excitement.

Here's the other huge stupid hassle thing that's got me down :P
So I signed up for Sac-Con (in Sacramento) a little while ago. I'm super excited for it, but in all the confusion of moving my store, and moving home house as well, I sorta wasn't keeping tabs on my shit as well as I could have/should have.
So THEN, I get an invite to Sac Anime! A different con put on by a lot of the same people, and ALSO in Sacramento. My stressed out, bug addled brain thought "Sac-Con... Sac Anime... same thing!!!" not taking into account that Sac-Con takes place about a month and a half AFTER Sac anime. So I RSVPed, booked myself a hotel and thought I had all my bases covered.
When I inquired about my table number, my friend Anthony, who is helping out with both cons, informed me that not only was I a n00b, but that I had the wrong con in mind! So I had to cancel ALL my plans for that weekend. I'll be damned if I'm gonna drive alllllllll the way up to Sac Town for a con i'm not even scheduled for >_<

So yeah, I'm a huge n00b.
I got it all sorted out in time, so it's no skin off my nose... I just feel really foolish about the whole thing.

So also! I have this book coming out, right? you know the one! The one I've been working on all this past year! Yeah, that's coming out.

So I'm hardcore running outta steam. Love you little guys!
Tune in soon for the first installments of "The Ballad of Shootin' Jed".

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