Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Ballad of 'Ol Shootin' Jed: Page 2

This old man gave me some trouble. I don't have a lot of experience drawing "old west" style things. I used to hate westerns and western related things. I don't know why, I just never liked cowboys. I used to joke that "Back to the Future 3" was my favourite western :P I think it stems from an early dislike of country music. It took me awhile to get over this, and even now there's still not a lot of westerns I really enjoy, but it's become a style that I admire. I tried doing a comic a long time ago with somewhat of a western feel, but nothing ever came of it. But doing it gave me the inspiration to do "Blood Will Tell" which a lot of people mistake for a western when they first see the cover... but... it is not... one. :/
So yeah! This old man! I sketched him a bunch of different ways. He ran the gamut from genuine, soft-hearted old religious man to a totally crazy sun-baked old hick. I think what I wound up with is sorta riiiiight in the middle.
Style influences include Yoshi's Island and Ren & Stimpy.

So the day after tomorrow is February 1st! and that means the Dave #2 isn't far away!
What did I say before? the 14th? something like that, I guess. The printer is notorious for creating delays, and there IS a splash page involved, so let's say the 14th is the optimistic projection.

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