Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Dave the Punk Rock Cat Kicks Out the Jams Page 30

Here we are, Page 30! Only one left! Don't ever say I don't hustle for ya!
I did this one while at the Japan Town's Holiday Anime Festival, this and one more, which I'll unveil next week. And this concludes Dave's second story ark, and it's time for him to take a well deserved rest.
This is not the end of Dave, not at all! I have so many Dave ideas coming up over the horrizon, but there are other worthy projects that have been forced to wait in the wings while Dave enjoyed two issue's worth of of a moment in the sun. He will be back, do not worry. I still really want to finish "Blood Will Tell". "Abyss Stares Back" is gearing up to be started, and "Oswald the Oddball" is finally finding it's direction. But first and foremost "The Ballad of Shootin' Jed" will be gracing these pages.
I do not know how long "Shootin' Jed" is gonna be yet. I haven't plotted it out exactly. The version written by esteemed colleague Micaela Youmans comes out to about three and one third's pages, which is pretty long consider it's pretty small text. I am estimating in between 30 and 40 pages for this one.
I won't be doing it in traditional comic style. When this project was conceived, we were pretty certain this was gonna be more of a "storybook", albeit a horrifying and grossly inappropriate one. That's why I love Micaela, she knows what it's all about when it comes to horrifying and grossly inappropriate. The short version is, don't ever read this to your children. Actually, no, DO read it to your children, give them haunting nightmare of terrifying visions of a world of an old west possessed by the appalling births of impossible demons and other abominations. I want to see what happens.

Here for your convenience is a short taste of what's to come.
Here's an early concept sketch of Shootin' Jed

Here's a preview of the first page's text, again, as written by Miss Youmans:

"Did I ever tell you the story
of Ol' Shootin' Jed?
With a gun for an arm,
and a gun for a head?
Born on a night with a red harvest moon,
when the wild dogs were howlin'
an unsettling tune
that made old-timers
feel weak in the knees
as a cold wind was blowin'
through the joshua trees.
"There's bad things afoot"
they muttered, and prayed,
"Lord Jesus protect us,
drive the Devil away."

Yeahhhhh, awesome, right?
Needless to say, I am very excited to get to work on this.

So this leaves us with Dave.
The book is nearly completed, but when will it be out?
I just need to draw a cover, and compose my totally not fake "Interview with Dave the Punk Rock Cat". I would say, give it a month, approximately. When it comes to publishing, I am at the mercy of the printer. But I will try to hurry the process along as long as it's cost-effective.

See you guys in the funny papers.

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