Thursday, December 1, 2011

Dave the Punk Rock Cat Kicks Out the Jams Page 28

So there's some bad news... Sac-Con is cancelled. They screwed up our table order somehow, so yeah... we're not going. Well, I dunno, we might still GO, but we don't have a table and ... yeah, what's the point?
I WILL however be at the Fremont Anime Holiday Fair on Saturday! Pretty swanky, eh? It was a choice between that and Bent-Con but I didn't get "picked" for that one as it were. I will get to hear all about it from my friends who will go, so if it's totally awesome, then I'll try and make it next year.
I also could have gone to Time Tunnel but I've already been there once, and The Fremont gig is a charitable event so it's for a good cause.

So that's all the stuff really... There's some other stuff, but it's stuff I don't feel comfortable talking about until I got s'more information. Otherwise, it'll just sound like i'm doing nothing but getting my hopes up based on nothing.

In the mean time, Dave is rapidly coming to a close.
I suppose i'm close enough to the end to reveal my next comic plan.

As soon as Dave #2 is finished, I will be working on a project I've had promised to a friend for ... well over a year at this point. coming up next, is "The Ballad of Shootin' Jed" written by the brilliant Micaela Youmans.

I look forward to shoving it down your eyeholes!

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