Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My #OccupyWallStreet Comic

So I got sidetracked from Dave the Punk Rock Cat... but for good reason! I had this idea and at first I thought it would be a page long and I could finish it in an hour.... but it turned into a 4 page long project that took three days!
YOU can't tell it's 4 pages though, because I smashed all the panels together internet meme style!

So yeah... interpret this! It's a political cartoon, it means something! Oooh, my metaphors are so very poignant!

No, not really. I mean, it's kinda like a political cartoon for children... except for all the violence and the eyeball hanging out. It is what it is. It should be really easy to figure out, but consider the following point-by-point a bonus!

So I dunno if you heard or not but there's this huge revolutionary thing going on now called "Occupy Wall Street"
If you haven't heard about it, turn off the TV and read some freakin' news :P It's happening now!

Hundreds of thousands of people are banding together, protesting the horrifying injustice of a conspiracy of corporate greed which has effectively bankrupted our whole country.
They are demanding justice, and doing everything in their power to promote reformation of the system, and a better world for us and our children to live in.

THESE people are calling themselves the 99%.
They're calling themselves that in opposition to the 1%, who became freaking multi billionaires by cheating and stealing from every fucking person in the world, so much so that the U.S. GOVERNMENT no longer has the money to pay the bills anymore.

It's not actually really 1% of the population. I think it's been narrowed down to something like 400 individuals which is actually FAR LESS than 1%... but whatever. It is for all intents and purposed 1%. We rounded up.

So those are the 99%, that's why the guy digging outta prison has a "99" on his hat.

Now HERE'S the kicker!
There's another group, who for whatever reason OPPOSES the Occupy movement! They call themselves the 53%... hence of course the ... "53" on the other prisoner's hat.
I am not certain what 53% actually means. I guess they think that 53% of the population isn't hanging below the poverty line or something, I don't know.
They seem to think that since they've been able to live relatively comfortably and scrape by on their meager little piece of this pie they've managed to cut out that it's A-OK to let these horrible criminals go free with the billions of dollars they've stolen.
I guess they believe that since their lives haven't totally fallen in the shitter, that there is no real need for improvement in the system and anyone striving for a better world is apparently a lazy, undeserving pinko commie terrorist who is just looking for a handout :P

Bear with me, because here's where the COMEDY kicks in!

The 53% doesn't get that the 99% are trying to help them to!
53 is a smaller number than 99. Our group includes you to! any change we manage to enact will be good for us AND you ^_^. That's what is meant by the term "better world," "better" meaning GOOD and "world" meaning ALL OF US!

This is why 53 and 99 are bickering so much in the comic! It's like the Odd Couple, except instead of arguing how the apartment isn't kept clean, they're arguing about how the system is fucking broken and the rich walk all over us in a world where the rules don't apply to them and they can commit crimes that bankrupt whole countries and someone should at LEAST be batting an eyelash at it to acknowledge that this is wrong.

And the horrific and violent police brutality in the second to last panel represents... the horrific and violent police brutality that happens in real life every day at the Occupy protests.
Because apparently, there is NO GREATER THREAT to our country than unarmed civilians who want the government to do right by them.

The fucking racist tea party can show off their awesome gun collection at their rallies which seem to not have any other cause than to... show off their awesome gun collections, and often times the police don't even show up.

But unarmed kids with signs!?
FUCK THEM! Put the boot to them!

So yeah, that's what my comic is all about. I didn't really need to explain this, did I? I don't even know. I often feel really spoiled living where I do because everyone I know is pretty smart and gets things, and are usually liberal enough to see the shit going on in the world and be appropriately appalled.

HOWEVER! I feel more often than not, when I see Youtube videos of shit that's going on at the protests, more than half the comments are from these bitter, angry, cynical people who just don't get things at all typing in all caps "TAKE THAT HIPPIES!" So yeah, you can never be too careful. Don't take for granted what you think people should already know.

Hell, I met a girl the other day who didn't know what a cassette tape was. I mean, that's more of a generational thing, and not really analogous to the subject at hand, it just serves to illustrate the point of taking knowledge of things for granted.

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