Friday, October 28, 2011

Dave the Punk Rock Cat Kicks Out the Jams Page 25

Oh my God, I had SO much fun drawing this!
Very much like the goth side-story of last issue, Dave will spend THIS particular arc of the story making fun of yet another subculture. Today's victim... rockabilly :P

Now don't worry! Very much like the Goth story, I don't actually hate Rockabilly. In fact, I LOVE it. That is why I'm picking on it so! I can only ACCURATELY lampoon something if I already love it. That is the rule! Do you think Mel Brooks hated Star Wars? Hell no! Spaceballs was made with nothin' but LUUUV, baybeh~!
So, that being said, if you're a die hard rockabilly fan and have no sense of humour, then these pages aren't for you. However, if you have no sense of humour, then maybe ocmics jsut isn't your bag to begin with. If that's the case, I hear there's a real swingin' club downtown with a super strict strict dress code you can go and look cool in! Watch the hair, cat!
Hahaaa... but I kid :P

So, next week I'm gonna be in Los Angeles at the Comikaze Expo. I will be there reppin' with my friends at Anime Lane. Come check us out! We love you!

Also! In December, I'm aiming to go to Sac-Con once again teamed up with my all time partner in crime, Ratgirl!
Rumour has it Jhonen Vasquez will be there. I wanna see if my hero is as big of a dick as they say :P
Perhaps I'll make a fool of myself! I'll make sure to get the raw, uncensored footage to you somehow if I do!

Other talking points. I can't remember if I already mentioned this, but Dave the Punk rock Cat vol. 1 is officially back in print. I think it's been back in print for a month now, but I never made the announcement... yet somehow I've already sold 10 :/
I love my fans, what can I say? :)

Here's something that really DOES need a spotlight though!
So I got Dave Shirts now!
Here's what they look like!

Want one? Well you certainly CAN HAZ! Check it out HERE!!!
I only have one design up so far, but will be putting up more soon!

That's pretty much everything that's going on in the land of Para~Somnia land recently. See you all at the Cons! ^____^

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