Thursday, October 20, 2011

Dave the Punk Rock Cat Kicks Out the Jams Page 24

This... was a frustrating page to do, to say the least, but rewarding none the less.
My mind has been elsewhere recently, and doing comics has just not been the first thing on my mind. I was so scatterbrained this week, that I drafted and nearly completed two pages before this one... but then realized that I hated them. This happened once before during the time I've been working on this book, on Page 18.
In either case, after two failed attempts, I sat down at my desk (which is literally the WORST place for me to try and draw, it is RIFE with distraction), and FORCED myself to decide on a concept and finish it. I managed to do it, and am really proud of the result.
I had a hard time trying to draw the Wrangler jeans though. Not that jeans are hard to draw, but making them identifiable as Wranglers. I sat and stares at images of Rockabilly fans forever trying to get the lines right. Next week I get to learn to draw pompadours and jutting fringes. That should be fun.

Looking at my page count, I am seeing now that I might not be able to fit in all the stories I wanted in this book. I don't wanna go above 32 on this one, so that means I have 8 pages left. I'll do my best to make them good ones.

In other news!
Did you guys know I have a T-shirt store on facebook? It's totally true!
CLICK HERE to check it out!

I only have the one design so far. I am wondering what other designs might work on a shirt. Do you, the fans, have any suggestions? Like I said, I've been really flighty and distractable this week, so coming up with news ideas has been hard.
But yeah, the T-Shirts are there! There will be more to come, mos def!

Other things: I will be in LA with my pals at Anime Lane at Comikaze Expo.
This will officially be the FARTHEST I've ever traveled for a Con. Look at me, all taking big adult steps and stuff.
I almost went to Vegas over the summer, but that trip fell through due a lack of table availability. THIS show is totally locked in though! I cannot wait for this trip. I don't usually enjoy driving long distances, but I'll be with my three best friends the whole way essentially in a "caravan" of cars (two cars).

If you're in the LA area, come to the show, check us out, see what we all about! ;-)

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