Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Dave the Punk Rock Cat Kicks Out the Jams Page 23

End of story story arc one! My god, that was 23 pages worth of bullshit!
There is more coming, don't worry. I haven't resorted to the "Arabian Knights" method as some sort of sick, twisted cliffhanger! you will all be getting your money's worth on this book.

So! The Berkeley show was a bit more stressful than I wanted it to be.

They sent us an email something like a few days before the actual show saying akin to "surprise! you need to pay MORE money to get into this thing, even though you totes already payed! u mad bro?"

I guess the venue was not aware at the time that hosting a comic show meant that the place would be crawling with PEOPLE! so they freaked out and insisted that all exhibitors needed to pay an additional "insurance" fee in order to cover whatever horrible mishaps might have befallen us and out precious collectables.
For those of you who are not familiar with the "behind the table" side of these kinds of things, a fee like this is totally unprecedented. I've not once had to pay an insurance cost in order to show my comics. This outrage is compounded by the fact that no insurance fee was ever mentioned in the paperwork we signed to get the table in the first place, AND they waited until the show was basically on top of us before taking the time to mention it to us.

Me and Trish were so taken aback and befuddles by the whole thing that she suggested that we simply bail out and get a refund for the table. I did not disagree with her.

So we bailed, or so we THOUGHT! The very next day, we got another email, saying something tantamount to "LOL we changed our minds! No insurance fees, come on in, yer alight!" I guess a significant amount of the vendors decided to follow suit with me and Trish and opt out of a con that was going to spring surprise hidden fees on us. I mean, what is this, a cellphone contract circa 1999? I've heard "No Hidden Fees" so many times now, the words have lost all meaning! When there ARE hidden fees, it's almost considered an attack! An affront to my very way of LIFE!

It's like how when you're a kid and you get chicken pox. After it's over, your parents assure you "it's okay, you'll never get it again!" You go on living your life, believing that this accursed itching will never again rear it's ugly head.

...but then it did!

and then it was like "s'okay guy! just kiddin', no chicken pox! LOL!"

SO! Long story short, we wound up going to the con ^_^

It was certainly no A.P.E., but it was nice and chill, and I think that's exactly what I needed, nice and chill.
I would go again... IF they do schedule it on top of A.P.E. again next year.

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