Saturday, September 24, 2011

Dave the Punk Rock Cat Kicks Out the Jams Page 22

Guten Tag! How is everyone? Good? Awesome, alright! I'm so glad!
So Dave the punk rock cat is back on the move. The Gang of Four/Billy Squier Band story arc is coming to a close, and it's taken up more than half the book! The last issue of Dave, the main story arc was only 12 pages, and here we are at 22! Mein Gott!
I had originally imagined this as being a shorter Dave book, but that no longer seems to be the case. Also, the October deadline is out the window. I don't know WHEN this big bitch is gonna be finished, but i am forever chugging away at it. As much as I am enjoying this book, I am really anticipating finishing it. I have so many projects I've been working on on the side that I really wanna show you guys! the time is not right yet! To make up for my tardiness in new page updates, I WILL however have a special surprise for all of you in the following days. Some stuff I'm really proud of that I just cant keep secret anymore. Stay tuned, damn you! god help you if you don't!
In addition to all of this, I have another con I'm attending next week in Berkeley, my FAVOURITE CITY! :D
Anime Destiny, check it izzle.
Last con of the summer.
Summer is over :(
I know, I know...
But what a summer it's been! Right up there with summer 2010, I've had two awesome summers in a row. I am a lucky little cartoonist.
So after Anime Destiny, I'm gonna do a write up of ALL the cons I've attended this summer. I've really been dragging my ass on this, and I need to do it, I NEED to!
As Ken from Legendary Brands once said "knave murdock is a good guy but he is too successful and busy be hanging out and posting everything on every site".
He spelled my name wrong, he also didn't capitalize anything... but that's cool, he is ALSO successful and busy.
Which brings me to another point. The conversation I was having with him where this point came up had to do with me re-designing my website, as well as my entire online presence. He gave me a lot of really good ideas, and he did it all in less than 5 seconds! So this is yet another project I'm gonna be working on. As such, I'll need to commission the expertise of a web designer. Who shall answer the call?

On yet another topic:
December is coming.
And you know what THAT means!
Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Remake, and Dir en Grey in San Francisco.

oh... and Christmas, I guess.

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