Thursday, August 25, 2011

No new page today >:(

I am sorry guys! I have no excuse! This week, hell, this MONTH has been so ridiculously busy, and in what little time I've had off, I'm just so lazy... setting pen to page has been getting very difficult. Hell, keeping my attention on any one thing can be difficult. Most of what I've been doing are Abyss sketches, which are not really in any good condition to scan and show -_-
What I have instead is a scan of the poster the Cartoon Art Museum made for my appearance last Saturday ^^

Isn't that awesome? I'm not too sure WHO at the museum put it together, but I am very pleased with the choices they made on how to showcase me and my art on the poster. They picked some of my favourite stuff :D

The event itself was amazing, to say the least. Met so many cool and friendly people there, mostly just random folk who wandered in off the street and saw there was a thing going on. So few of my friends could make it, which saddened me. Some were going out of town, others could not get out of work, it's okay, shit happens. It's all good because this is no way my LAST appearance at the museum. Apparently, they love it when artists come in, and said they'd love to have me back sometime. When? I am not sure. But someday. I will inform everyone when it's happening.

In the mean time, if you're in the SF Area and you don't have my books yet, they are TOTALLY for sale at the museum :D Go getchoo some! It helps me out, AND supports the museum! What more could you possibly ask for? A sandwich? Well that's just selfish! Sandwiches are easy to make, you can do it yourself! You're already getting a comic out of the deal!

Speaking of things I am doing, this weekend I'll be at the Jpop Summit, again trailing alongside Ratgirl of Ratgirl fame.

There will also be an Anime Convention in Reno this September called S.N.A.F.U. which I'll be attending with my good friends at Anime Lane, NOT to be confused with the Anime Lane at the J-Pop summit! I know, it's all very convoluted and weird, but bear with me, it will make sense in the end.

Siiigh, I have been to a con or an event pretty much every weekend this month... and there's no sign of stopping. There's something going on in Berkeley at the beginning of October... and then A.P.E. after that. I probably won't be making it to A.P.E. in an official capacity. I'm like, 30th in line for the wait list... I need to jump on that shit so much sooner -_-. I'm still GOING though! It's too fun an event to not attend. It's just as well, there was no way I'd be able to finish Dave #2 by then anyway. I have too much story in mind to do it all in less than two months.

I've also been putting off my con reviews. mostly because so many of them happen so fast. I think when they're all done, I'll just have one big review for the whole summer ^_^

Well, I still feel bad about not having a page ready for you guys... so here's something else to stick in your eye holes.

This is a sketch I did for my friend Amanda for her birthday... even though i was super late getting it to her.
Been watching lots of Sailor Moon recently, so it's naturally wormed its way into my sketching subject matter ^_^

See you all next week.

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