Tuesday, August 9, 2011

It's Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All Time

So I'm back from the con, or cons, rather. Kin-Yoobi Con and Hyper Con, back to back. Two little ass cons, but they blurred together and formed one regular sized con in my mind. I'd go into more detail, but I DO have a con review page now, so I should save it for that. to my dismay, a lot of the pictures I took did not turn out as well as they looked in the tiny preview screen. So to everyone who I told you could find your picture on my site... I am sorry, not all of them made the cut :(

So let's talk about this picture, shall we?
So obviously this is Finn and Jake from Adventure Time, but who is that mysterious character in the center? He is certainly terrifying. That, my dear boy is none other than Tyler the Creator. I know it's not exactly PC. Tyler has sparked some badass controversy, I would say it's even HELLA badass controversy. That is how you can tell I am from the bay.

Anyway, Tyler is known for his grotesque, sacrilegious, anti-femininie and sometimes even homophobic lyrics. But little to people know there is another side to him, an adorable cartoon side. Listen carefully through that newest CD of his and you will start to realize how much this guy loves Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon.

So, this sketch was inspired, and I coloured it during Hyper Con. I was pleased that so many people understood the reference.

Dave... Dave is still out there. I've been really struggling with the next page because it involves a very large and involved concert scene. I am considering making it a splash page just so I can fit in more detail. Also, I don't really do splash pages, and would love for this to be my first. Either way, I will try and get it to you guys soon, it's just become so easy to get sidetracked, especially with the cons going on.

Another thing I feel I should mention, I'm gonna be in a museum.
Yeah, THAT finally happened.
And it's about time, too!
I've already told all my friends and loved ones, but it's not enough!
I want word to spread far and wide about Knave finally getting his deserved recognition ^^

So if yer gonna be in the San Francisco area around August the 20th, come see me at the Cartoon Art Museum :D
It's not on the events page yet, but it is coming. I will be there and so will my art. Come see me and make a big deal out of it, because the more folk I manage to attract, the more they'll want to see of me ^^

So anyway, that's the short version of this week and how nutty it's been. Tune in next time for more!

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