Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dave the Punk Rock Cat Kicks Out the Jams Page 19 and 20

So! Dave is back! I am cracking the pages with renewed vigor, because I sold out of Dave YET AGAIN at the J-Pop summit! And not just of the regular Dave books, but the big floppy Alternative Press Expo versions as well! I am OUT OF DAVE! Right now the only place you can get him is at the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco! Hy, you should go there, guys! Go get some comics ^^

But aye aye aye, what is there to say? J-Pop summit was outrageous. I am a poor little sunburned Knave at the moment because of it, but at least I had the time of my life. So many cute little gothic lolita girls is pretty dresses, so many wacky bands! Some of which were really excellent, some of them will haunt my nightmares till my dying day.

But now is September, a time of rest. I thought I was going to make it to S.N.A.F.U. Con in Reno, but it is not to be. It's just as well, all this conning has made me weary. I was never a huge fan of travel anyhow. September will be my month of rest, all that's going on are the two MC Frontalot shows in the area, and I have a friend coming form overseas. I'm gonna see her new baby!

October 1st will be Anime Destiny in Berkeley, and then the 2nd will be Alternative Press... which I don't have a table at, but will try to make it to anyway. There's also one in Fremont during the holiday season that I really wanted to look into. I guess you get a free artist table if you donate a toy to charity or something... which is totally doable... I have lots of toys I can donate :)

Either way... details on this will be discussed as stuff occurs in my face.

The good AND bad news is that since I don't have a table at A.P.E. I am under no pressure to rush the finishing up of Dave #2. Good for me, bad for you guys... I'll try not to drag my ass too much :D

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