Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Abyss Stares Back - The Featureless Expanse

More Abyss related art coming atcha!
So this is the Featureless Expanse, this is a locale, or rather a realm, I should say, in the story. As the tension builds and the strain on poor Mathilda's psyche grows tighter and tighter, there will come a time when she will simply snap. The Featureless Expanse is the result of that mental breakdown. Whether it's a real, physical place like a true Lovecraftian tale of mental anguish or more of a symbol for mental breakdown like from Pink Floyd: The Wall.
Either way, the inclusion of this scene was very much inspired by the urban legend "Suicide Mouse". If you have ten minutes to spare and some good nerves, check out the video, be sure to read the description to know some of the story behind it.

I am still most definitely working on Dave #2. I have decided it will be done by October, and make its premiere at Alternative Press Expo, just like Dave #1 did last year ^^

Now, you'll have to excuse me, once again, I've been up way too late.

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