Monday, July 11, 2011

Slender Man to Stick Man

So as you all know, Dave the Punk Rock Cat has been my main focus, but that doesn't mean I've abandoned Abyss Stares Back by a long shot. This story and my ideas for it seem to continuously evolve, sometimes in very real game changing ways, sometimes in merely cosmetic ways. This is my most recent cosmetic change. I wanted the recent internet urban legend "Slender Man" to be a central theme in this story. I felt comfortable doing so, because Slender Man doesn't really belong to anyone, and as such, many, MANY authors, film makers, and storytellers alike have their own take on Slender Man and his mythos. I was at first, comfortable, with following in their footsteps. However, more recently I've had more of a hangup on making these characters seem more original. Since I draw Slender Man a lot, and since he looks a little different each time, making that happen wasn't so difficult.
I'm not gonna lie, i know that this character is very much still Slender Man, but he's MY version of Slender Man. As such, he even has a new, Knave given name. Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome, The Stick Man.
What makes Stick Man any different from Slender Man other than his mere appearance? Well, let me tell you.
Stick man is made of wood, he actually comes from the trees. Not in a new age, hippy bullshit sort of way. Stick Man is very much a malicious entity with the ability to invade your dreams. In addition to that, he can also enter your mind and either corrupt, or flat out erase memories. If you are too persistent in their attempts to get to the truth, The Stick Man is perfectly capable and willing to end a human life. The Stick Man is an entity employed by the Daemon "Zalgo", as a way from keeping the human world blissfully ignorant of the nature of his existence, which is to erase any semblance of sanity, order, and convention from the minds of every living creature.
The Stick Man is sort of like the Darth Vader to the Zalgo's Emperor Palpatine.
Stick Man does not speak, and the Stick Man cannot be reasoned with. Even being near the Stick Man can cause a human bodily harm, as well as a fair degree of mental anguish.
The Stick Man's other abilities involve a seeming sense of omnipresence. He can be summoned if it becomes known that a human being is aware of him and his existence, or Zalgo and Zalgo's existence. The same applies to many other agents of Zalgo, which I'll elaborate on at a later date. The Stick Man also has the ability to stretch his limbs to impossibly lengths, as a means to pursue his victims' physical bodies. The Stick Man is approximately nine feet tall, and yet, no one seems to notice his presence... except for Mathilda Milhouse Weathersby, the main focus of the story :)
So that's the long and short of it (pun intended), that's the skinny (pun again is intended). Feedback is, as always, appreciated.

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