Monday, July 25, 2011

Dave the Punk Rock Cat Kicks Out the Jams Page 18 (Take 2)

So I took another look at the page I posted last week. This very seldom happens, but I was really not feeling it. I go through several drafts of a page before I decide what to put on the site. I was all about this page when I was drawing it, but at the same time, i was also feeling kinda shitty. I've been battling ... SOMEthing, I dunno, some sort of sickness... and I was feeling really out of it when I was finishing last week's page. Bottom line, I took a second look at it, and knew I could do better. So here it is! I suppose if I was to go with the continuing theme of music terminology to describe what I'm doing here, then this would be "Take 2".

I don't know why sometimes Dave has paws and sometimes he has fingers. I dunno why he has 4 fingers sometimes and 5 fingers other times. A lot time ago, I remember seeing old, old video footage of Walt Disney being interviewed about his new creation, Mickey Mouse. One of the interviewers asked him why Mickey had only four fingers. Walt, very bluntly answered "because he's a cartoon, not a person." I've always remembered that, I dunno why, those words just stuck with me. As much as I've always believed that cartoons deserve to be held among the echelons of "high art", I know that cartoons also lend themselves to a degree of elasticity that other art forms do not. I take it seriously, but I also don't. I can't put it in any better terms than that.

So let's hear it for Dave, or as they know him in concert halls across America, "The Beer Bandit".

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