Monday, July 18, 2011

Dave the Punk Rock Cat Kicks Out the Jams Page 18

Taking a break from the trauma inspiring madness of Stick Man to bring you more of that Cat you love to love. I've been feeling kinda ill recently, and thusly, haven't been drawing too much. I actually just finished this page mere hours ago so I could present it to you. This means I'm officially out of buffer for Dave, which means I'll need to work my ass off double time to keep on schedule! Yay!

I was kinda hoping that I'd have this book done by the time I got to Kin-Yoobi and Hyper Con, but that's seeming like it's gonna be an impossibility. Realistically, it's looking more like the newest issue of Dave the Punk Rock Cat might most likely make it's debut at this year's Alternative Press Expo :) But that's jsut a prediction. It might be sooner than that.

I've also been occupied with plenty of other stuff.
Remember awhile back, me talking about being on the writing staff for an up and coming teevee show? Well here's your first glimpse at the fruits of our labour.

This show is gonna be massive when it hits guys, so get on now! There will be plenty of more awesome teasers, and exclusive content coming up, so do me a solid and subscribe! Thanks for watching :)

In the time I've been taking to recouperate form whatever the heck has me so tired, I've been reading lots of other comics. Have you guys seen or read "Milk and Cheese" by Evan Dorkin? I am so amazed how blatantly Jhonen Vasquez ripped off this formula when he created JTHM and Happy Noodle Boy. I mean, I suppose Vasquez was unique in the sense that he attempted to make mindless killing into a cerebral and supernatural story. Dorkin has no allusions to the fact that what he's doing is, in essence, entirely mindless. Yes, he is trying to make a satirical statement about society in doing so, but we as the audience know that it's 90% cheap laughs and maybe 10% message. What Jhonen did was basically make up own character, gave him the exact same M.O., and then gussied it up a lot of teen angst inspired intellectual blocks of text to which MOST of the JTHM fanbase said "tl;dr".

Don't get me wrong, a huge part of my development as an artist. It was basically the only non-superhero comic I read as a kid (I count the Ninja Turtles and Sonic the Hedgehog as Superheros.) My style basically developed the way it did because I copied what I saw in anime, and copied what I saw Johnen doing, and then melded the styles best I could. Maybe that explains why to this day I still have such a hard time getting my human anatomy correct!

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