Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Dave the Punk Rock Cat Kicks Out the Jams Page 12

...And we are BACK with the CAT!
These past few weeks have been exciting, and they will only get... exciting-er as the days go on. I just got back from Big Wow Comic Fest. For all it's flaws, it was a really successful con. I will go more in depth on it in the "Convention Reviews" section.
That reminds me! Take notice, there is a "Convention Reviews" section up at the top of the site now, along with an "Events Calendar" which you can use to track my every move.... at Cons at least.
The most important change I want to make all you lovely people aware of is in the shop ^^
ALL of my comics are back in print! ALL OF THEM!
This is the first time, since I've had this site up, that all three have been available at the same time! There are "special offers" available to anyone who wants to buy all three.

I think i finally have this thing down about shipping overseas. I know a lot of you Para~Somnia fans across the pond were having trouble before. Those times are OVER now! Place and order and your comics will be shipped THE VERY NEXT DAY! WOOT!

Those are all the major changes I've been dealing with. SUPER looking forward to Fanime. If at all possible, leave in the comments or hit up my facebook to met me know if you'll be there.

Let's talk about this comic really quick.
So poor Dave has been abandoned by his groupie friend. Obviously she doesn't care about getting him in, she's just there to bone rock stars.

What do you think about that?

How does it... make you FEEL?

I feel like things like gender roles have been getting discussed around me a lot.
I say "around me", because I happen to think I have some pretty far out opinions on the matter, and I know for a fact that not many people would agree with me. So when I get on the subject with someone, I tend to just sit there and listen to them talk more than I actually chime in.

Either way, it was this talk of gender role that inspired this comic.

I feel like the general consensus among people, among rock fans in particular, is that groupies are no better than prostitutes. Starfuckers, as Trent Reznor puts it, people to be looked down upon, even pitied.
Yet, in my mind, the reality is very opposite.
Here we have the woman, who is obviously displaying her sexual powers, and she carries home free entry to a concert as her war trophy.
I am sorry, but I do NOT feel pity towards an individual who can pull that off. On the contrary, I am in awe, and a little jealous. That's not to say that if I had a vagina that I'd use it in such a way, to each their own. All I'm saying is that someone who CAN do it, that person is anything but a lowly whore.
Sadly, we've all grown up in this society where we can find something wrong with ANYTHING that a woman can do well, whether she be a politician, or is sneaking in the back door at a sold out show. Lindsay Lohan is such a great example, because she was such a public figure, and everyone took such great fascination with her so called "downfall."
Sure, she did some drinkin', she did some druggin'... tries it in the butt one or nine times (quote stolen form Sarah Silverman). But can't we all agree that through all the turmoil, she emerged a better person for it? Not that I'm advocating drugs or alcohol (I am sort of advocating anal sex...), but think about where Lindsey is now, vs. where she WAS. We went from Avril Lavigne photo copy... to a GUN TOTING NUN in "Machete"! Granted the Drugs and alcohol were probably less cause and more symptom of the massive Disney Media Machine (DMM) trying to shove her into the mold of the modern-day Disney Princess. If you were any kind of semi-interesting person, you'd probably go on a bender or twelve as well.
The question you have to ask yourself is... Do you even WANT the old Lindsey back?? o.O

But anyway yeah.... this all... relates to comics somehow... I'm sure...

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