Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Abyss Stares Back - Cover?

So I've been really distracted lately. I've been kinda taking off with this Abyss Stares Back idea and as a result, have been somewhat neglecting my Dave the Cat pages. I swore I wouldn't do this, but I'm SO doing it anyway! If only there were more hours in the day... and I was less distractable :P

So lemme kinda explain where I'm going with Abyss.
You all saw the pages from before, with Mathilda Weathersby in the asylum, right?
If not, here's some links

Well, I'm pretty much going in this same vein. But with a few difference.
I had my first draft set in a very "Lovecraftian" world, was even thinking of having the plot head towards something Cthulu-ish towards the end. I became somewhat disillusioned with this direction when I was reading over some of my rough drafts, and realizing that none of it was actually scary. Most of it was just weird.

So I went on a soul searching mission to discover what it was that actually DID scare me. I've become so desensitized to fear by scary movies and whatnot. Translating that into comic form seemed to pose a challenge that I was not certain how to tackle, so the project went on hiatus.

Recently however, I've been very much losing myself in these online half urban legends-half memes. You have have seen or heard some of them, Zalgo, Slender Man, Smile Dog, Ben Drowned, etc.
If you've no idea what I'm talking about, go look 'em up! That is, if you have the marbles!
Either way, needless to say, I've become inspired. I am re-organizing my story structure, to incorporate many of these elements in an attempt to write a story that is not only original, but also, genuinely disturbing.

In the mean time, I have all these page of Dave the Cat I haven't even scanned yet... so geez... I'm gonna hafta get on that :( Sorry guys!

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