Friday, April 8, 2011

Killer vs. The U.S.S. Enterprise

So once again, no new Dave.
As with last week, I am taking a break, so I can build up a buffer; and with Wondercon having punctuated last week's update to this week's, not much buffer got done. Now I wish I hadn't scanned EVERY Catman sketch page at once, but what can I do about it now? Huh? Well I'll TELL you what I'm gonna do sucka! Here is a picture of my buddy Killer (not her real name) dueling the U.S.S. Enterprise (NCC 1701 D aka "The one form the Next Generation). This was a request from Killer after she had a few at our favourite bar, and she was utterly amazed not only that I took the request seriously, but finished it within a few minutes of her asking. I am also very proud of that fact.
As you can see, they are fencing, and the Enterprise is gripping the foil with a huge arm that is popping out of the deflector dish. From here, it sorta looks like Killer is supposed to be gigantic, but I assure you, she's a normal sized person. The reason the picture appears the way it does is because of the crazy perspective. Killer (in the foreground) is clashing swords with The Enterprise (way off the in background). This also means that the sword The enterprise is wielding is gigantic in scale, to be able to be as far away as it is, and still reach the tip of Killer's.
By the way, in case you hadn't noticed, Killer is also drinking form a cup. This is funny because she seems only slightly distracted form her cup in order to parry The Enterprise. What's in the cup, you might ask? Well isn't it obvious? Earl Grey, Hot! That's the reason they're battling! Killer totally stole Picard's tea, and now he'll stop at nothing to get it back! Sure, he could just replicate another cup, but it's the principle of the thing, dammit! Sadly, Killer's lured Picard into a game he cannot win! D:

So i'm gonna do my best to get back on track next week with the Dave updates :(
I dunno what's been keeping me so distracted lately. sure work has been busier, and there's cons on the horizon, but years ago I was able to keep up a weekly update schedule with busy work schedule and cons at the same time. What it all boils down to it I get really tired when I get home, and even though that's perfect time to update, I usually just wind up goofing around anyway. Also, I think I have way more of a social life than I used to, back when I started this comic, so that's another huge factor, I'm sure.

I am taking a stand, here and now, declaring that I WILL get my updates back on track! I will have a buffer, and I will work more on Blood Will Tell in the down time!


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