Friday, April 15, 2011

Dave the Punk Rock Cat Kicks Out the Jams! Page 11

I told you all that this would happen. I had... foreseen it...
So yes, Dave is back! Sorry for the two week hiatus, I had a lotta catching up to do, and not a whole lotta time to do it in, but everything is better now! Well... almost everything at least!

I have a (partial) schedule of events planned out, that I'd like to share with you all now!

May 21st - 22nd is BIG WOW COMIC FEST

May 27th - 30th is FANIME!

August 6th is KIN-YOOBI CON

August 7th - 8th is HYPER CON

September 2nd - 4th is SAC ANIME

I will be in ALL of these places, with my dear friend Tricia of Ratgirl Productions. She has been, hands down, THE most helpful person to me and my comics recently. Aside from maybe Maddy, who pretty much created my first website for me back when I was just starting.
Tricia however has really been kicking my ass, and getting me to cons! Which is great, because for some odd reason, I lack whatever sniffing ability is required to sniff these things out. I basically knew about Fanime, WonderCon and Alternative Press, and those were all spread out throughout the year! Now there's four more JUST THIS SUMMER that I'm going to! Amazing! Thanks Tricia! You rock!

The only concern is that the majority of these are "Anime" conventions, which, while I love anime, I feel slightly out of place selling at... because I'm not form Japan... nor do I even emulate the anime style. However, anime fans love the whole talking animal thing! I actually sold fairly well at Anime Overdose just this past winter! i just need to learn how to adjust my salesmanship for this new crowd.

Will I have a new book ready for May 21st? God, I hope so!

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