Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo who Leapt Through Time

In the absence of a new Dave comic, I present you instead with this! My silly little mash-up that I've been talking aobut for months.

I wish I could write this as a whole comic, but I'd have no way of releasing it, I'd probably be getting slapped with lawsuits from at least two sides, probably three, considering the delicate nature of the rights to the Dragon Tattoo trilogy.

I've been drawing with a mouse a lot more recently, at first for a piece I was commissioned during AOD, and now this. It sucks, it's terrible, I hate doing it, but I am getting better at it, I admit.
Drawing eyes is the single most frustrating task... but after hours of agonizing, I've been able to create eyeballs I'm proud of :D

Dave will return next week, but this week really got away form me, time wise.

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