Monday, March 7, 2011

Dave the Punk Rock Cat Kicks Out the Jams! Page 8

As you can see, my preoccupation with wanting to draw girls has insidiously found its way into DtPRC. Be prepared for at least 3 pages of super cute rock girls! :D
At least I'm not just throwing them in there, they have a place in the story and serve to be more as mere eye candy. They even deliver some decent comedy. You will see, in the weeks to come.
So, WonderCon! You got your tickets? I've got mine! I don't have a table, as I've said, but I WILL have comics on me and I WILL be taking "donations".
This is sort of a legal grey area, I suppose. i mean, I HAVE my permanent business permit now, so while it may not be technically "illegal" for me to sell my comics, would it be in violation of any con rules? As far as I know, you can't sell there if you don't have a permit, but what if you don't have a table at all? Can I be a mobile merchant? I don't know, I'll sell comics until they threaten to kick me out, I guess. I think I'll be too fixated on just the aspect of being there, and having fun. WonderCon is too fantastic to be working anyway.
Last WonderCon was such a goddamn experience, but that is mostly due to the people I was there with. Sadly, most of those people are gone now, either moved on to greater experiences, fell out of touch, or are totally dead to me. I am pretty convinced though, that this time around will kick as much ass. I've met so many badass comic peeps since then, not a thing can possibly go wrong! It's a fact! ;-)

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