Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dave the Punk Rock Cat Kicks Out the Jams! Page 7

Dave the Punk Rock Cat is back with a roaring vengeance!
I like that this woman has a spray bottle handy, just in case a cat tries to sneak in. I guess in the NY club scene, you need to be prepared for anything. I'm jsut glad I had the opportunity to draw a girl, I never do anymore! It's all the time with the cats! She is actually modeled after a friend of mine, who as of yet, doesn't even know I've put her in a comic ;-) Let's hope that goes well.
The "War" shirt is there for no other reason than to date the scene, and set the tone of the club and the character. I myself don't listen ot a ton of War, even though I really enjoy them. i had to look up the logo on a friend's iPhone in order to recall the specifics of the logo.
I am very much aware that this current incarnation of DtPRC is a lot more slapstick than previous incarnations. I am not sure why I'm doing this, it's just what's calling out to me at the moment. When I was at AOD with my buddy Patricia, we got into a conversations about the choice of the cat as a protagonist. What it boils down to for me is that cats are the funniest animal. They do funny things like chase things, jump on things and sometimes miss and freak out. This, also coupled with the fact that they're adorable makes the cat the perfect comic protagonist. If I can successfully combine those aspects of cattitude with the punk rock mentality, then i think Dave will take off as a character.
Speaking of AOD, that was a rousing success. I did a little better financially this time around than I did at Alternative Press, but I think it was mainly due to the sheer amount of people the con attracted. It was strange I've never seen this kind of setup for a comic convention before. It has three main floors, which sounds like a lot at first, but all the floors were really small. The first two floors were artist's alley, the floor above that was the dealer's room, and off to the sides were all the panels.
I don't wanna badmouth the con, because it was actually pretty great, but the dealer's room was absolute shit. I saw the whole thing in about 5 minutes, and there was seriously nothing interesting for sale. The Artist's Alley was where it was at. The whole two floors oozed with awesome creativity. Seated next to us was a couple that sewed custom beanies, I've already forgotten what their company name was. Off to the other side was a guy who created awesome T-Shirt designs who called himself "Crazy Go Lucky." You can find his company's facebook page here. If you look through his pictures, you can see a shot of me and Patricia at the Ratgirl Productions booth. I'm inadvertently hiding behind some random passer-by.
Aside from the minuscule dealer's room, the only complaint I have about AOD was the fact that it seemed like everything closed down really early. Maybe my memory is jsut foggy, as it's been awhile since I've manned a booth at a con, but it was 5pm when we were told to clean up our tables, and that seems way early to me. A lot of peeps stuck around, despite the scheduling gods, but it was all for naught, since it seemed like the crowds had died down anyway.
All in all, a pretty good con. It took place in Japan Town in SF, which is a great setting. Got to meet all sorts of interesting characters thanks to Patricia, and partook in some excellent sushi.
As cons go, I give it 3 out of 4 stars.

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