Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dave the Punk Rock Cat Kicks Out the Jams! Page 6

Gah! where did Dave get the wallet from?
Where did he put it afterward?
Cats don't have pockets!
this is absurd! D:


Sorry for the late update, everyone. I got beat down by the lazy stick! :(
I've also been listlessly preparing for Anime on Display (this weekend).
I got my permanent seller's permit, proving that Murdok is for real!
Truth be told, there was not much to prepare aside from that, since for this one I am going along for the ride as opposed to leading the expedition. I will have all the regular books for sale, some stickers as well, some art prints, and if I get time I'll try and make s'more T-Shirts.
Mainly I've been busying myself with other stuff, ParaSomnia related and otherwise. I've goth my other stories working in the background, Blood Will Tell and Abyss Stares Back. I've also got my work with the Babel Records script keeping me pretty busy. we are now working on the 3rd draft of the first episode's script, the "ultimate" edition, as it were. We're going form the 22 minute format to the 45 minute format, taking all the best bits from the old drafts of script 1 and 2, and sewing it together with a more flowing story. A script writer's work is never done. They did callbacks for the first round of auditions already, and a second round is supposed to be happening really soon. I am really pleased with all the progress this show is making. Hats off to Cellar Door Pictures for making this all possible.
That's all there really is to share at the moment, Happy Valentines Day (belated), see you next week!

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