Monday, February 7, 2011

Dave the Punk Rock Cat Kicks Out the Jams! Page 5

Welcome to the madness of page 5.
I will warn you now, form here on, this story takes a turn for the goofy. This is Dave the Punk rock Cat if it were a French bedroom farce. Well, maybe not that raunchy, but there's just as much slapstick involved. Need I remind you, that all of this is based on a true story, but it is merely BASED on it. There are many cattish liberties I need to take, in order to maintain the character. But bearing this in mind, know that this situation did happen, in real life at one time.
On the subject of true stories being the inspiration for Dave, there is a bit of a crisis on the horizon. I am in all likliehood moving soon, as in moving away. Amoing many concerns, this means that I will no longer have direct access to Steve, the man on whom Dave the Punk rock Cat is based, and from whom all the biggest inspirations come from.
Steve is cool with me continuing the character, my worry is that doing it alone, the character will lose some of his original charm. i am not certain, I suppose I'll see what occurs, burn the bridge once I've come to it, as they old saying goes. Either way, it is a concern of mine.
Various conventions are coming soon! I cannot hype this enough. In a mere 12 days I Anime On Display, formerly Anime Overdose, but what can you do?
In a mere 3 months is WonderCon
THEN in 4 months is Big Wow Comic Fest!
and then the VERY NEXT WEEKEND is FANIME! ^_^

I will be at all of these places, come find me, because I love you ^o^

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