Friday, January 14, 2011

A Very Merry Un-Birthday To You Part 3

Sorry again for the late upload. I am having the worst goddamn time trying to keep up with an updating schedule. This is very unlike me, I USED to be a very punctual kind of person. I remember sweating over unfinished pages, making sure they were done and looked good so that I could submit on time! I think I have shifted my priorities in such a way that I would rather give myself the time to make a page look excellent (by my own standards, admittedly) than to rush a page out in time to submit in 7 days time.
If I had more time in general to work on pages, this wouldn't be a problem, but work has been kicking my ass recently, in more ways that one. Either I have way too full a schedule and little time for anything else, or they've left me almost completely off the schedule, and I am reduced to grinding poverty :/
This is why it's so important for you (the reader) to help me decrease my dependence on foreign means of employment, and buy my comic! :D
You can do so HERE
You can also help by patronizing my services at Comic Art Commissions
I work cheap (relatively).
So anyway, this is the last of the filler you'll have to deal with for awhile, I'm not gonna go all Naruto and Bleach on you. I have many pages prepped for you guys now. More Dave the Punk Rock Cat is coming your way, I've been working diligently on Abyss Stares Back, and Blood Will Tell has been receiving some attention as well :D
My hope is, if i work on them all simultaneously, I will finish them around the same time, and be able to present them to you one after the other, nice and convenient.
So yeah, be on the lookout for amazing things, and help me make some moneys.

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