Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Very Merry Un-Birthday To You Part 1

It's been stupidly busy holidays, so I'm uploading some classics for you.
I know some of you have seen these pages before, but a lot of you have NOT!
This is sorta what I did before I had a coherent system in how I did comics, before I was concerned with things like books and publishing and conventions. I did short little stories, usually spanning 1 to 3 pages. This particular story is about a somewhat obscure piece of fact about Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. did you know that chances are, he wasn't even born in December at all? Yeah! It's somewhat well known that December 25th is Christmas only because it shares it's roots in some pagan traditions (winter solstice), but there's way more behind this story than we care to think.
You know what other awesome extraplanar badass was once December 25th? You know who I'm talking about, right? Yeaaah, you know his name! Mithras! Yeah!

Wait, you've never heard of Mithras? Well, he was a very popular deity within the Roman Empire in between the 1st and 3rd centuries. He was known as the God of the Sun Disc, which was different than the God of the Sun, who was Helios. Where the distinction lies, I am not certain. Either way, Mithras had 12 disciples, and was most noted for having died, and then rising from the dead. Sounds kinda like a certain long haired hippie God a lot of us might be familiar with! Here's the M. Knight Shymalan twist! Guess when his feast day was? you got it! December 25th! BOOYAH!

Long story short, down the line, assimilation turned all of the existing Roman holidays into Christian holidays, changes were made and suddenly Jeezie Chreezie landed December 25th. The last cult of Mithras disappeared early in the 4th Century, so no one really made that much of a fuss.

We've been living this lie ever since, a festive lie, but a lie none the less.

I'm sure Jesus doesn't mind though, I mean, we;re talking an all knowing, all seeing, ever present, and all benevolent son of the creator of the universe here, right? He won't get pissed if we get his birthday wrong... by 6 or 7 months... every year... for two thousand and eleven years straight... right??

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