Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Great Scott!

The holiday season will claim me yet, as its latest victim.
I had a new page of Dave the Cat ready for you, but I couldn't get past the penciling stage, work is at its busiest and what little free time I have I've been spending on having WAY too much fun! Me and my buddy Dani took ASSLOADS of pictures to help kickstart her modeling portfolio, then it was her birthday so we went to see TRON, which was ... good... I'll write a serious review of my facebook eventually.
Then, there was an EPIC holiday shindig at the record store I am a slave at, I danced until my heart stopped. Later on the week, my good friend, and ex-collaborator Courteney came back into town form Japan (yes, I am very jealous). I spent the evening with her and her family, watched some movies, had some epic food and had a very beautiful pre-Christmas gathering. THEN I had the face the evil of the Saratoga hills! The downhill part... at night... in the RAIN! It was terrifying... but I survived.
So yeah... I haven't had tons of time for drawing :( I am sorry, but consider this a placeholder until Dave the Cat can continue.
Happy Holidays, and Merry Eclipse-mas!

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