Monday, November 1, 2010

This... Is... HALLOWEEN!!!

Before I begin, I know I promised more "Abyss Stares Back" this week, but this came into my head, and I figured that the world needed to see it. I had a long moment of introspection before I put pencil to page on this masterpiece, and I asked myself a very important question, one that needed answering before I could do this. "Does the world need another "300" Parody?" The answer was a heartfelt, emphatic YES!
I looked around, I couldn't find this particular parody ANYWHERE! It seems so natural, doesn't it? this is SPARTA! vs. This is HALLOWEEN! Does that connection only make sense in my head? Probably.
I haven't drawn these characters in so long. I used to draw Jack and Oogie all over my notebooks in school, so the muscle memory is still there, but it's been a decade at least since the last time. I think I kinda got it :)
This reminds me, i need to do more stuff in pencil. Seeing this now, and also my APE sketches make me realize how much I lose when I go over in ink, and erase the remnants. Perhaps this marks the dawn of a new era of exploration of Para~Somnia, or Para | Somnia or Para.Somnia, depending on what kind of a mood I'm in. I should really settle on a permanent format for how I write this out.
Anyway, yeah, Halloween! How was yours? Mine was pretty boss. I am sick with candy, though :P
Apparently, so called "society" has deemed 25 "too old" for trick or treating. where is the justice, huh? Where is MY march? no matter, since I'm 25, I also have a job, and when you have a job, you can buy your own candy! Neat, huh? I even had a pillowcase to put it in. I got the most nostalgic blend of candies I could tink of. Tiny candy bars, smarties, caramel apple suckers, tootsie rolls and tootsie pops, each of assorted flavours, it was grand. On top of all of this, I had a quaint little movie party at my place with my friends, as we passed the pillowcase around, like a common floozy. Old age may have taken trick or treating from me, but it hasn't taken monster movies away, not by a long shot. This almost makes me want to have children someday, just so I can get that experience back, going out at night, door to door, in costume, totally awesome. The best part is, monster movies will totally be there when I get home and the kid is in bed, or he can stay up, and watch with me, I don't care, that would be okay. I'm gonna be the worst dad ever. :D

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