Sunday, November 21, 2010

Abyss Stares Back Page 4

Aaaand here we go! Final page of the much talked about rough draft of Abyss Stares Back! While I work on the final draft, I'll be uploading s'more Dave the Cat comics! you'll like these ones! It's more of the Dave you love with a mix of other chilling tales of the macabre and awesome.
I had a birthday, did you know that? Yeah, I'm 26 now. 26 and a successful cartoonist, how do I do it? Lots and lots of procrastinating, and sudden crashes, that's how.
So, there's some changes coming to Para | Somnia, in how I do business. My friend Sean, who is also my Kung Fu teacher has some people, some "investors", interested in my little comic empire. It's kind of frightening, territory I've never ventured into before, but I guess the short version is they'd be de facto publishers.
I've been trying to sell off my old inventory of comics to make way for the new ones we're gonna be printing out. It will be interesting, no doubt.
I'm sort of at a loss for more to say at this point. I've been sick, I've been having birthdays, I've been doing comics, I've been at school, I've been at work, I've been looking for a new job. I need a life, jeez.

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