Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Abyss Stares Back Page 3

Abyss Stares Back, coming at you in full force. This page I remember having particular difficulty with. I had done one version with Mathilda simply grabbing the needle and wrestling it away from the doctor. A friend saw it before it was finished and simply said "what is she, super woman? isn't there even the slightest bit of a struggle?"
So here's version two, yes, there is a slightest bit of a struggle. I had at first considered drawing out a more elaborate fight scene that ends with her getting the needle, but I wasn't sure, to me that seemed like unneeded fluff. So I have one quick panel of struggle, and then a grab, what happens next... well... it's awesome :)

So you might have noticed a lot of comics are on sale now. Well, what I have left is on sale.
Guys... I really, REALLY need you to buy those! I'm in kind of dire straights right now, and that extra bit of cash could really help me get things going again. I have a show coming up in 5 months, and I want to have all new book printed out for them.
Right now, the shit job that I have aside from doing comics is completely fucking me out of decent paychecks, and I'm thiiiis close to broke. I'm looking for work elsewhere, but in the mean time all I really have is comics. I know a lot of you don't have Dave the Punk Rock Cat yet, aside from that, please, spread the word, tell your comic loving friends, i'm sure you have them. I need readership, and funds, desperately.

So that's the long and short of it.

I have one more page of Abyss to show off, then I might go back to more Dave stuff, since I got a lot of great reactions from that :)

See you guys in the funny papers.

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