Monday, November 8, 2010

Abyss Stares Back Page 2

I told you I'd give you more Abyss Stares Back, I promised to deliver, it only took me two weeks, but it finally happened! On the cartoonist to promises ratio, I'd say I'm ahead of the game.
I am, however, like the bullfighter who came before me, on the horns of a dilemma. When I first began uploading these pages, i made clear that this is a rough draft, and that I'm working hard on the final draft as we speak... literally, while I'm typing this this one hand, I am drawing Abyss Stares Back with the other... while also watching Metalocalypse... I am the king of multitasking, and I NEVER get my homework done on time! So here's the dilemma... i may have put too much effort into draft one, because now that I'm trying to replicate it, but better... I am finding that I cannot. This is a problem I ran into a long time ago as well, when I finished "No Tomorrow", the first comic that I ever finished, don't worry, you've never seen or heard of it... mostly because I'm a nobody, but also because I've never even attempted to publish it. "No Tomorrow" was the first comic I ever finished, it was 255 pages of pure comedic mayhem, and I love it to death. The thing is... I did it when I was in high school... and it REALLY looks like something that was drawn by someone in high school, not something I want the world to see. I've tried replicating it many times, with punched up artwork and crisper writing, but no matter what I try, and how many times I try it, I am never satisfied with it. I can't possibly capture the magic again. I haven't tried doing it again in awhile, it needs its rest, but here I am again... in the same situation with Abyss Stares Back!
Draft 1 looks like awesome magic to me now, and attempting to re-create it is frustrating me. So... yeah, I'll keep putting up the pages, and keep working on the new draft, but for now the future of Abyss Stares Back is in question.

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