Saturday, October 23, 2010

APE Sketchbook Pages

Sorry for the delays, everyone. The weeks leading up to and the weeks directly following a big convention like APE are troublesome. I had lots of work to do, lots of loose ends to tie up, and on top of that, lots more work piled on top of me after the fact. But here I am, I have a moment, and I wanted to show you all what I did while actually AT APE.
Granted a lot of it was set up, and then interacting with the crowd, but there were plenty of lull moments where it was just me and my sketchpad, and here is what I came up with. This is something I've been seeing more and more, especially at APE, people who make it a point to gussy up and publish their sketchbooks, which i think is a great idea. It's good for getting your work out there, in a more widespread sorta way, and it can make you a couple extra bucks on the side, ingenious. I am thinking i might compile all my sketches from the various books I've filled this year, and see if I can make anything cool and coherent with it.
So let's talk about what I have here :)
A lot of these are just sketches of frustration, because getting prepared for APE, and getting set up there was a fuck load of a frustrating experience. That's where the contorted hand and the giant eyeballs come from. For some reason, I have kind of an eyeball phobia, I don't like shit in, near or around my eyes. So when i get stressed, these people with enormous eyeballs seem to come out. The contorting of the hand and the limbs placed into impossible positions, that sorta self explanatory, coupled with the phrase "nothing stays where it's supposed to." The other portraits are jsut people that I saw at the show, the guy with the hat, the angry atheist girl, the man in the mask, they were all there. Sadly, none of them stayed still long enough for me to actually finish drawing them, so I filled in the rest with my memory and imagination.
Page two is just one big piece, as opposed to a dozen little ones.
As you can tell, it's Lady Gaga playing the Baphomet, a creature which represents opposites, pointing at the sun and the moon, wearing half black and half white. The hidden comedy of this piece is that the Baphomet was originally supposed to also be a hermaphrodite, (opposites, get it?) and since that's an urban legend that will probably follow Gaga for the whole of her career, I saw it as slightly poignant.
What is "All The Girls Waiting in the Line at the Bathroom" mean? Well, aside from being the chorus to a popular N.E.R.D. song, I also felt compelled to write it, as my table was positioned right across from the bathrooms, so i got to see lines form and shrink most of the day. But why is it "Coming Soon?" Who knows? Jaut wait and see ;-)
The third page, in keeping with the pop star theme is a portrait fo L:a Roux, and MC Frontalot, who looks like he's about mid body slam. I never finished it... never will!
Thanks for enjoying this installment of Knave's shitty doodles! Tune in next week for a much better episode! For now though... courage!
In keeping with the October theme, next week i will be posting another page of "Abyss Stares Back", so keep your pants on!

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