Monday, October 11, 2010

Abyss Stares Back Page 1

Funny is over with, your mind is now explosions.
Welcome to "Abyss Stares Back", my newest endeavor, a Lovecraft inspired thriller, laced with plenty of action, insanity and grotesque violence and adult situations.
I was worried at first that titling my comic this would grant me a reputation as a Watchmen biter, and while I AM a fan of the graphic novel, I'd like to remind everyone that "When you stare into the abyss, the abyss stares back" is actually a pretty frikkin' famous quote from Frederick Nietzsche, so... why don't you all go choke on that?
What I'm showing you here is a rough draft, I am still kinda working on the final version, but I am still very proud of these pages so I wanted to show them off anyway. On top of that, it serves as an excellent buffer while I flesh out this and a few other projects.
Things have been rough these past couple weeks. Prepping for A.P.E. never seems to be done, so much for haivng everything ready, yeesh :/
On top of that, school has started again, and keeping up with that as well as maintaining a work schedule and the social life that I've fought so hard for has been "rough", to say the least. I say "rough" of course in the context of "that's rough buddy" also known as "First World Problem" because I know, in my heart f hearts, that all of this shit is painstakingly trivial, yet I cannot keep myself from talking about them as if they were real, actual issues.
Sigh, so anyway, here's your glimpse into the future, more pages to come.
Also, please do be checking out my weird little extracurricular, non-comic project, my Lady | Gaga remix.

I have no idea why I even did this.
When I was a boy, I used to mess with my favourite songs' audio all the time.
This was before the time when releasing an instrumental and acapella was a commonplace thing. I kinda fell out of it... mostly cuz I sucked. But I dunno, I'm pretty proud if this one. I got all these Gaga acapellas from the singles, and I figured, shit, why not use 'em for something?



Comics, yeah...

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