Monday, August 30, 2010

Dave the Punk Rock Cat's Big Adventure Page 29

I can't believe this story is going on for so long. I really need to wrap it up soon, right after this little arc is the end of the book, I swear!
Nothing too much has happened recently, all my A.P.E. stuff is kinda prepared, just waiting on that. School is starting up again in a few more weeks, going to be spending this quarter focused on my writing, mostly because that's what I've found myself putting most of my energy into recently and that's cool. Aside from that, nothing really big comics related has been happening, a slow news week, as it were. My markers are runnin' kinda dry and I'm way too lazy to replace them, I suppose that' kinda depressing in a funny way. Mostly I've just been tired, doing lotsa stuff, and getting tired doing it, little projects, big outings, been to lots of concerts recently. I feel like a huge part of being IN the character of Dave the Cat is to rock out as hard as I can to as many shows as I can get tickets to. Has it helped my mindset? ?Yeah, has it given me more time for drawing? No! :P I can almost guarantee that this will all pick up again when school starts, and I'll be back to a few pages a day rather than a few pages a week, that's always how it seems to work with me. Other than that, I just need to get back to this mindless quest of where the hell my life is going. I seem to be splitting my time between so many different directions. Are the comics taking off like I want them to? Is the television writing project the way to go? Go into business with my friend? Keep going after the teaching credentials? I've always lacked focus, mostly because I didn't have anything to focus on, now it feels like there's way too much! Yarg! Oh well, I keep on drawin', through it all.

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