Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dave the Punk Rock Cat's Big Adventure Page 28

Hi again! Knave Murdok reporting from what seems to be the center of the sun. This heat has been absolutely BEASTLY! This is swamp ass weather, the worst. It's so hard to get things done like this, working, drawing, even sleeping is difficult. Yeesh.
On the good side of things, I've gotten my information packet from A.P.E., this gets officialler and officialler all the time!
So what od you think of my rendition of Santa Monica Boulevard? I've never been myself, but I seen it in movies, that is to say I SAW it in a movie! I think i did a pretty good job from memory.
On the subject of drawing things I have no freaking idea about, let's hear it for Willy Deville's re-appearance in Dave the Punk rock Cat. first time I drew him, I had no freaking clue what he looked like, so I looked him up on Google images, and found the ONE picture of him with long straight hair to work from. Of course after it was published, I was informed by numerous sources that I had "gotten it wrong." Thank god that version never made it to print, and it was a mere private embarrassment.
But here he is, looking a tad more accurate, and wouldn't you know it, today's his frikkin' birthday! August 25th! I'd like to say that I purposely delayed the posting of this comic to coincide with that event but the truth is I just wasn't done with it :P
But all that aside, Happy Birthday Willy, we miss you, keep on rocking. \m/ >___< \m/

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