Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dave the Punk Rock Cat's Big Adventure Page 27

Welcome to page 27.
I can't believe how long this story has been going now! :D Usually I'd be wrapping things up at this point, but I've had a good long string of comedic events going for awhile, this book is gonna be epic when it's done.
So I talked last time about being accepted into A.P.E., but now it's officially official, because I mailed in my check for the actual table yesterday, you don't get more official than that. Had to overnight it, which was rough on the ol' pocketbook (damn me and my not paying attention to deadlines) as evident by my updating schedule.
Regardless of my tardiness, I am really going to enjoy this convention. The book will be ready in time, almost certainly. I always seem to cut these things close, I dunno what's wrong with me. I might find some time in the coming weeks to go up to the Foothill T-Shirt press to make some Dave the Cat, Blood Will Tell and just regular Para~Somnia Shirts, and I might go all out, purchase some sticker paper and do some rad designs ;-) I feel like I'm the at the center of the scummiest of all D.I.Y. home factories right now. "Here! Buy this shit I made in my house for almost nothing!" It's how I roll, ladies and gents. But the promise I make to you, the "Knave Murdok" promise, is that the shit that I make in my home that I'll make you buy will be only the tippest toppest quality of shit. The books are legible, you can read every word! The shirts? Guaranteed opaque, no one will be able to see your boobies through them. The stickers? They will goddamn STICK TO SHIT! That's the Knave Murdok promise, and you can take that to the bank! This is more airtight than a handshake from George Zimmer.

On a different subject, I've been contemplating my style a lot recently. When I first started this webcomicing stunt, I had a few sheets of computer paper and a black ballpoint pen, and that was it. Granted, I was in a much different place then, much darker and I feel like I've come far since then, as an artist, as well as a person, but I've also been reading a lot of my old favourites recently, like JTHM, Love and Rockets, Strangers in Paradise, Ghost World. I am amazed at what those artists were able to do with simple black and white. I've never been a colour boy, I was for awhile, but that's when I had someone else doing the colour for me. I am a little sick of the grey scale markers. They were fun for a good long time, but I think that when I start my next project, I might go full on stark black and white again. I love it so.

Speaking of next projects, after Dave is done, we have "Blood Will Tell part III" coming up, as well as the adventures of Mathilda Milhouse Weathersby in "The Abyss Stares Back" both of those will be heading your way this fall and winter, respectively.

I have a short preview of "Abyss Stares Back" in the form of some character sketches available at my DeviantArt page.

So this is me signing off for another week.
I love you all.
See you at A.P.E. ;-)

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