Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dave the Punk Rock Cat's Big Adventure Page 26

I start this post of with good news! I've been accepted as an exhibitor for Alternative Press 2010! I just got my confirmation letter today! I just have some minor paperwork to fill, but it's pretty much in the bag. I have two months to prepare my table, get Dave the Punk Rock Cat finished and published, and then, I'll be jumping headlong into this vast, vast world in indie comics officially for the first time. i mean, I suppose I've already overcome the milestones of setting up a blog, publishing a few books and being at cons before, but I'm flying solo this time, this is the big one! I'm terrifyingly excited! I won't have to face it alone though, I'll be getting support from my best friends Johnny and Roxy, so it's not nearly as frightening. i'm so freaking excited ^^

But let's talk aobut this page real quick.
I was getitng somewhat bored by the monotony of this scene. As much as I enjoy writing the interaction between Dave and this behemoth of a customer, the drawings have been a little tough to slog thought. The reason I was looking so forward to this extended Dave the Cat project was because Dave's characters and scenery change up so often, so it's always fun and interesting to draw, but this scene in the record store has been pretty much the same. Don't worry though, the next scene is gonna be fun! :D
Another thing I didn't count on when I first started this project was how long it was gonna run. I was worried at first this book was gonna be significantly shorter than the last, but as it stands, it looks as if it will be a great deal longer. My loyal followers will be getting their money's worth with this one :)
Also: I need to finish making my Dave and Para~Somnia shirts! It's been rough to complete all this extracurricular stuff recently, life keeps getting in the way. This summer is not at all as I imagined it would be, since I've been spending MOST of the time working, and sadly, not on comics :( The upside is that I've been making lots of money, money to spend on things like Alternative Press... and thusly the vicious cycle closes in on itself, devouring its own tail, such as the Oroboros! Om nom nom, it says!

In either case, I'm looking forward to seeing you all at A.P.E., keep me in good thoughts.


  1. That is so awesome! I wish you the best of luck at APE. I will definitely make it there if I am able. *applause*

  2. Thanks so much Patricia. If you're able to make it, be sure to identify yourself, and I'll draw you somethin'.