Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dave the Punk Rock Cat's Big Adventure Page 24

A little late on this one, sorry guys and gals. More and more the rest of my life is seeming to interfere with my cartoonin'. Even if I can't update on the same day every week, I promise at least one update a week, at least! I suppose in the business, we'd call this a "filler page" in that it is not a page which moves the plot along at all, and basically serves no purpose other than a cheap gag. This cheap gag, however, much like most of the rest of Dave the Punk Rock Cat is rooted in some amount of truth. Note: by saying "some amount" that amount is eligible to be at little at 1% truth. Unlike most of the other stories encompassed by Dave the Punk Rock Cat, this one actually happened to me. It's not much of a story, basically I was at work, on my lunch, and a weirdo customer walked up to me and asked me a question. I explained to him that I was on my lunch, and he just sat there and watched me eat. Weird right? But like I said, not much of a story. I eventually told him to scram, and he scurried away, but that part didn't make the comic, things working out for the protagonist is seldom funny, unless the protagonist wants something funny, like a midget stripper wrestler juggler clown on a unicycle, juggling circular saw blades and a new born child, as he unicycles on a tightrope suspended over the grand canyon, WHILE he duels a unicycling samurai Abraham Lincoln, WHILE the tightrope is being burned from both ends, by Godzilla and Mecha Godzilla respectively... and all of this takes place on MARS! Hmm... I think I jsut dreamed up the plot for my next comic.

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